Paper: A Statistical Profile Of The Named Entity Task

ACL ID A97-1028
Title A Statistical Profile Of The Named Entity Task
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1997

In this paper we present a statistical profile of the Named Entity task, a specific information extrac- tion task for which corpora in several languages are available. Using the results of the statistical anal- ysis, we propose an algorithm for lower bound es- timation for Named Entity corpora and discuss the significance of the cross-lingual comparisons pro- vided by the analysis. 1 The Named Entity task There is currently much interest, in both research and com- mercial arenas, in natural language processing systems which can perform multilingual information extraction (IE), the task of automatically identifying the various aspects of a text that are of interest to specific users. An example of IE is the Named Entity (NE) task, which has become established as the important first step in ...