Paper: Reading More Into Foreign Languages

ACL ID A97-1020
Title Reading More Into Foreign Languages
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1997

GLOSSER is designed to support read- ing and learning to read in a foreign lan- guage. There are four language pairs cur- rently supported by GLOSSER: English- Bulgarian, English-Estonian, English- Hungarian and French-Dutch. The pro- gram is operational on UNIX and Windows '95 platforms, and has undergone a pilot user-study. A demonstration (in UNIX) for Applied Natural Language Processing emphasizes components put to novel tech- nical uses in intelligent computer-assisted morphological analysis (ICALL), including disambiguated morphological analysis and lemmatized indexing for an aligned bilin- gual corpus of word examples. 1 Motivation GLOSSER applies natural language processing tech- niques, especially morphological processing and cor- pora analysis, to technology for intelligent compu...