Paper: The Domain Dependence Of Parsing

ACL ID A97-1015
Title The Domain Dependence Of Parsing
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1997

A major concern in corpus based ap- proaches is that the applicability of the ac- quired knowledge may be limited by some feature of the corpus, in particular, the no- tion of text 'domain'. In order to examine the domain dependence of parsing, in this paper, we report 1) Comparison of struc- ture distributions across domains; 2) Ex- amples of domain specific structures; and 3) Parsing experiment using some domain dependent grammars. The observations using the Brown corpus demonstrate do- main dependence and idiosyncrasy of syn- tactic structure. The parsing results show that the best accuracy is obtained using the grammar acquired from the same do- main or the same class (fiction or non- fiction). We will also discuss the relation- ship between parsing accuracy and the size of training co...