Paper: Industrial Applications Of Unification Morphology

ACL ID A94-1046
Title Industrial Applications Of Unification Morphology
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

Industrial applications of a reversible, string-based, unification approach called Humor (High-speed Unification Morphol- ogy) is introduced in the paper. It has been used for creating a variety of proofing tools and dictionaries, like spelling check- ers, hyphenators, lemmatizers, inflectional thesauri, intelligent bi-lingual dictionaries and, of course, full morphological analysis and synthesis. The first industrialized ver- sions of all of the above modules work and licensed by well-known software companies for their products' Hungarian versions. De- velopment of the same modules for other agglutinative (e.g. Turkish, Estonian) and other (highly) inflectional languages (e.g. Polish, French, German) have also begun. 1 Supported Morphological Processes 1.1 Morphological Analysis/Synthesis...