Paper: Guided Sentences Composition For Disabled People

ACL ID A94-1042
Title Guided Sentences Composition For Disabled People
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

We present the advantages of guided sentences composition for communicating in natural language with computers. We show how guidance can be achieved by means of the partial synthesis of sentences and describe our approach consisting in separating knowledge that comes under different levels of well-formedness and coroutining their treatment. This approach has led us to develop in Prolog a software, ILLICO, allowing for the conception of natural language interfaces with guided sentences composition. We present an application we have developed by means of ILLICO : KOMBE, a communication aid system for handicapped persons. 1 Guided Sentences Composition We may distinguish two kinds of communication with natural language interfaces : - a "free" mode : the user types sentences without knowing th...