Paper: Might A Semantic Lexicon Support Hypertextual Authoring?

ACL ID A94-1029
Title Might A Semantic Lexicon Support Hypertextual Authoring?
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

It is common opinion that current hypertextual systems do not allow to express objectively the information content of documents, but only the view of the "author". The hyperlink building requires an heavy and highly specialised human intervention: this task is very expensive whenever possible! A different approach, based on NLP methodologies, aiming at automatizing the development of an hypertext, is hereafter proposed. Anchorage points are inferred both from content and structure of documents. A semantic lexicon based on conceptual graph structures is used to guide text understanding. Contextual roles are introduced to model domain specific concepts relevant to the navigation. An off-line activation of useful links has been defined according to explicit user specifications. A simple decla...