Paper: A Robust Category Guesser For Dutch Medical Language

ACL ID A94-1025
Title A Robust Category Guesser For Dutch Medical Language
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1994
  • Peter Spyns (Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven Belgium; University Hospital Gasthuisberg, Leuven Belgium)

In this paper, we want to describe the ar- chitecture and some of the implementation issues of a large scale category guesser for Dutch medical vocabulary. We Mso provide numerical data on the precision and cover- age of this category guesser, which has to cover for the moment only the vocabulary of the cardiology domain. The category guesser uses non-morphologic information (endstring matching) as well as truly mor- phologic knowledge (inflection, derivation and compounding). Since we deal with a sublanguage some linguistic features are easier to handle (Grishman and Kittredge, 1986), (Sager et al. , 1987). Subsequently we will describe in detail the differents parts which interact to successfully identify unknown medical words.