Paper: Understanding Location Descriptions In The LEI System

ACL ID A94-1023
Title Understanding Location Descriptions In The LEI System
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

Biological specimens have historically been la- beled with English descriptions of the location of collection. To perform spatial, statistical, or historic studies, these descriptions must be converted into geodetic coordinates. A study of the sublanguage used in the descriptions shows much less frequent than typical usage of observer-relative relations such as "left of," but shows problems with name ambiguity, finding the referents of generic terms like "the stream," ordinal numbering of river forks and valley branches, object-oriented prepositions ("be- hind"), fuzzy boundaries (how close is "at," how far is still "north of"), etc. The LEI system implements a semi-automated understanding of such location descriptions. Components of LEI include a language analyzer, a geograph- ical reason...