Paper: The Delphi Natural Language Understanding System

ACL ID A94-1022
Title The Delphi Natural Language Understanding System
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

This paper presents Delphi, the natural language component of the BBN Spoken Language System. Delphi is a domain- independent natural language question an- swering system that is solidly based on linguistic principles, yet which is also ro- bust to ungrammatical input. It includes a domain-independent, broad-coverage gram- mar of English. Analysis components include an agenda-based best-first parser and a fall- back component for partial understanding that works by fragment combination. Delphi has been formally evaluated in the ARPA Spoken Language program's ATIS (Airline Travel In- formation System) domain, and has performed well. Delphi has also been ported to a spo- ken language demonstration system in an Air Force Resource Management domain. We dis- cuss results of the evaluation as we...