Paper: Three Heads Are Better Than One

ACL ID A94-1016
Title Three Heads Are Better Than One
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

Machine translation (MT) systems do not currently achieve optimal quality trans- lation on free text, whatever translation method they employ. Our hypothesis is that the quality of MT will improve if an MT environment uses output from a vari- ety of MT systems working on the same text. In the latest version of the Pan- gloss MT project, we collect the results of three translation engines -- typically, sub- sentential chunks -- in a chart data struc- ture. Since the individual MT systems op- erate completely independently, their re- sults may be incomplete, conflicting, or re- dundant. We use simple scoring heuristics to estimate the quality of each chunk, and find the highest-score sequence of chunks (the "best cover"). This paper describes in detail the combining method, present- ing the ...