Paper: Acquiring Knowledge From Encyclopedic Texts

ACL ID A94-1014
Title Acquiring Knowledge From Encyclopedic Texts
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

A computational model for the acquisition of knowledge from encyclopedic texts is de- scribed. The model has been implemented in a program, called SNOWY, that reads unedited texts from The World Book En- cyclopedia, and acquires new concepts and conceptual relations about topics dealing with the dietary habits of animals, their classifications and habitats. The program is also able to answer an ample set of ques- tions about the knowledge that it has ac- quired. This paper describes the essential components of this model, namely seman- tic interpretation, inferences and represen- tation, and ends with an evaluation of the performance of the program, a sample of the questions that it is able to answer, and its relation to other programs of similar na- ture.