Paper: Machine Translation Of Sentences With Fixed Expressions

ACL ID A94-1005
Title Machine Translation Of Sentences With Fixed Expressions
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

This paper presents a practical machine translation system based on sentence types for economic news stories. Conventional English-to-Japanese machine translation (MT) systems which are rule-based approaches, are diffi- cult to translate certain types of Associated Press (AP) wire service news stories, such as economics and sports, because these topics include many fixed expressions (such as compound words or collocations) which are difficult to be processed by conventional syntactic analysis and/or word selection methods. The proposed MT system, an economic-news stories machine translation system (ENTS), can translate eco- nomic news sentences with fixed expressions. The system consists of three processes, to handle different types of sentences, fixed type, economics-specific type and gen...