Paper: Practical Issues In Automatic Documentation Generation

ACL ID A94-1002
Title Practical Issues In Automatic Documentation Generation
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

PLANDoc, a system under joint devel- opment by Columbia and Bellcore, docu- ments the activity of planning engineers as they study telephone routes. It takes as input a trace of the engineer's inter- action with a network planning tool and produces 1-2 page summary. In this pa- per, we describe the user needs analysis we performed and how it influenced the devel- opment of PLANDoc. In particular, we show how it pinpointed the need for a sub- language specification, allowing us to iden- tify input messages and to characterize the different sentence paraphrases for realiz- ing them. We focus on the systematic use of conjunction in combination with para- phrase that we developed for PLANDoc, which allows for the generation of sum- maries that are both concise-avoiding rep- etition of similar ...