Paper: Compound Nouns In A Unification-Based MT System

ACL ID A92-1029
Title Compound Nouns In A Unification-Based MT System
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

This paper describes an approach to the treatment of nominal compounds in a ma- chine translation project employing a modern unification-based system. General problems connected with the analy- sis of compounds are briefly reviewed, and the project, for the automatic translation of Swiss avalanche bulletins, is introduced. Avalanche bulletins deal with a limited semantic domain and employ a sublanguage in which nominal compounds occur frequently. These and other properties of the texts affect the treatment of compounds, permitting certain simplifications, while leaving a number of possible alternative analyses. We discuss the different problems involving the translation of compounds between German and French, and show how the computational environment in use permits two different ap- proac...