Paper: Evaluating Parsing Strategies Using Standardized Parse Files

ACL ID A92-1022
Title Evaluating Parsing Strategies Using Standardized Parse Files
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

The availability of large files of manually- reviewed parse trees from the University of Pennsylvania "tree bank", along with a pro- gram for comparing system-generated parses against these "standard" parses, provides a new opportunity for evaluating different pars- ing strategies. We discuss some of the restruc- turing required to the output of our parser so that it could be meaningfully compared with these standard parses. We then describe several heuristics for improving parsing accuracy and coverage, such as closest attachment of mod- ifiers, statistical grammars, and fitted parses, and present a quantitative evaluation of the im- provements obtained with each strategy. 1 The Problem The systematic improvement of parsing strategies re- quires some way of evaluating competing strategies...