Paper: DILEMMA-2: A Lemmatizer-Tagger For Medical Abstracts

ACL ID A92-1019
Title DILEMMA-2: A Lemmatizer-Tagger For Medical Abstracts
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

The program is an extension of DILEMMA-I, a lemmatizertagger for general English texts. In the first section a brief outline is given of DILEMMA-1. Particular attention _is paid to the original concept of a default category which is linked with a categorial graph by means of a pointer system. In the second section we show why DILEMMA-1 was not able to get a suitable score when lemmatizing medical abstracts, the main reason being the inability to recognize sublanguage specific vocabulary. In the next section a description is given of the most important errors along with their solutions; these errors are then categorized as gaps or wrong assignments. The former could be dealt with in either a suffix list or a gaps filler default. The latter mainly concerned wrongly assigned past participles ...