Paper: A Practical Part-Of-Speech Tagger

ACL ID A92-1018
Title A Practical Part-Of-Speech Tagger
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

We present an implementation of a part-of-speech tagger based on a hidden Markov model. The methodology enables robust and accurate tagging with few resource requirements. Only a lexicon and some unlabeled training text are required. Accuracy exceeds 96%. We describe implemen- tation strategies and optimizations which result in high-speed operation. Three applications for tagging are described: phrase recognition; word sense disambiguation; and grammatical function assignment. 1 Desiderata Many words are ambiguous in their part of speech. For example, "tag" can be a noun or a verb. However, when a word appears in the context of other words, the ambiguity is often reduced: in '% tag is a part-of-speech label," the word "tag" can only be a noun. A part-of-speech tagger is a system that uses ...