Paper: Extended Spelling Correction For German

ACL ID A92-1017
Title Extended Spelling Correction For German
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

A conscrvativc extension of standard spciling corrcction systems for German is discusscd which goes beyond normal chccking of isolated single words by taking multi-words, linguistically motivatcd non-words, as well as contexts into account. 1 Motivation As indicated by Maurice Gross in his COLING 86 lccturc (Gross, 1986), European languages contain thousands of what he calls "frozen" or "compound words". In contrast to "free forms", frozen words though being separable into several words and suffixes - lack syntactic and/or semantic compositionality. This "lack of compositionality is apparent from lexical restrictions" (at night, but: *at day, *at evening, ctc). as well as "by the impossibility of inserting material that is a priori plausible" (*at {coming, present, cold, dark} night) (Gros...