Paper: Automatic Learning For Semantic Collocation

ACL ID A92-1014
Title Automatic Learning For Semantic Collocation
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

The real difficulty in development of practical NLP systems comes from the fact that we do not have effective means for gathering "knowl- edge". In this paper, we propose an algorithm which acquires automatically knowledge of se- mantic collocations among "words" from sam- ple corpora. The algorithm proposed in this paper tries to discover semantic collocations which will be useful for disambiguating structurally ambigu- ous sentences, by a statistical approach. The algorithm requires a corpus and minimum lin- guistic knowledge (parts-of-speech of words, simple inflection rules, and a small number of general syntactic rules). We conducted two experiments of applying the algorithm to different corpora to extract dif- ferent types of semantic collocations. Though there are some unsolved prob...