Paper: Integrating Natural Language Components Into Graphical Discourse

ACL ID A92-1010
Title Integrating Natural Language Components Into Graphical Discourse
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

In our current research into the design of cognitively well-mo- tivated interfaces relying primarily on the display of graphical information, we have observed that graphical information alone does not provide sufficient support to users particu- larly when situations arise that do not simply conform to the users' expectations. This can occur due to too much informa- tion being requested, too little, information of the wrong kind, etc. To solve this problem, we are working towards the integra- tion of natural language generation to augment the interaction functionalities of the interface. This is intended to support the generation of flexible natural language utterances which pin- point possible problems with a user's request and which fur- ther go on to outline the user's most sensible cou...