Paper: Applied Text Generation

ACL ID A92-1006
Title Applied Text Generation
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

Joyce has been fully implemented in Common Lisp, and runs on the Symbolics Lisp Machine and on Sun workstations. A successor version has been ported to the Apple Macintosh. HOST: General Structure and Security Features The multilevel Host is a complex component of the Station. It contains a Kernel, a TIP, a Process, a Net Handler and a group of Managers. The Process, the TIP, the Managers and the Net Handler communicate only through the Kernel. The manifestly secure Process and the Managers perform auxiliary functions. The Process is low-level. The TIP serves as interface to a User; the Net Handler handles communication with a Net. The security statuses of the TIP, the Managers and the Net Handler have not yet been specified. The Kernel is a complex component. Its security status has not y...