Paper: A Dialog Control Algorithm And Its Performance

ACL ID A92-1002
Title A Dialog Control Algorithm And Its Performance
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

A pragmatic architecture for voice dialog ma- chines aimed at the equipment repair problem has been implemented which exhibits a num- ber of behaviors required for efficient human- machine dialog. These behaviors include: (1) problem solving to achieve a target goal, (2) the ability to carry out subdialogs to achieve appropriate subgoals and to pass control arbitrarily from one sub- dialog to another, (3) the use of a user model to enable use- ful verbal exchanges and to inhibit un- necessary ones, (4) the ability to change initiative from strongly computer controlled to strongly user controlled or somewhere in between, and (5) the ability to use context dependent expectations to correct speech recog- nition and track user movement to new subdialogs. A description of the implemented dialog...