Paper: The TIC: Parsing Interesting Text

ACL ID A88-1029
Title The TIC: Parsing Interesting Text
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

The TICC is designed to take free text input describing local traffic incidents, and automatically output local traffic information broadcasts for motorists in appropriate geographical areas. The "interesting-corner parser uses both syntactic and semantic information, represented as features in a unification-based grammar, to guide its bi-directional search for significant phrasal groups. 1. INTRODUCTION The overall goal of the TICC project is to show the potential benefits of automatically broadcasting local traffic information. Our target system, dealing with traffic incidents in the Sussex area, is to be completed by September 1989. The project forms part of the Alvey Mobile Information Systems large-scale Demonstrator. The Natural Language Summariser component of this system is being d...