Paper: The MULTIVOC Text-To-Speech System

ACL ID A88-1016
Title The MULTIVOC Text-To-Speech System
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1988

In this paper we introduce MULTIVOC, a real-world text-to-speech product geared to the French language. Starting from a ordinary French text, MUL- TIVOC generates in real-time a high quality speech using a synthesis-by-diphone method. The process- ing is divided into 3 main transformations (phoneti- zation, automatic prosody and rhythm marking, and generation of LPC frames). This paper provides a full description of MULTIVOC including not only the technical view but also some applications of the product within the real world. 1. PRESENTATION OF MULTIVOC The text-to-speech MULTIVOC system is the result of a technology transfer from a research insti- tute (CNET Lannion, France), which developed the basis of the system, to an industrial company (Cap Sogeti Innovation, France) which made the s...