Paper: Machine Translation: Session Introduction

ACL ID A83-1025
Title Machine Translation: Session Introduction
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1983

The Slocum paper is more a "statement of work" for a paper, rather than a substantive draft. We expect a report on the state of the Siemens-Texas translation project, and a defense of its approach in engineering terms. The good news in this paper is the commercial sponsorship of the work; the success of such a venture mtght stimulate stronger investment in natural-language projects and studies. The Melby paper offers an architectural sketch of an open-ended translator's system which could include an MT system as one component. This modest paper deserves reading for the author's perspective on the professional translator. The paper by Nishlda and Doshlta describes the use of Montague-style functional notatlon to create a sentence-level semantic Interlingua. The obvious benefits in syntactic...