Paper: Text Analysis: Session Introduction

ACL ID A83-1018
Title Text Analysis: Session Introduction
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1983

(3) Classlflcation--identify the text as similar to and different from other texts in relation to a see of predetermined categories; this operation establishes the position of the text In.some more general fr~unework. (4) Modlfication--~hange the wording of some part of the text; thls operation corresponds to Note that generation, the creation of the text itself, is presumed for this discussion, and that translaclon of a ~exC turn another language ls also nor included. the casks of rewriting parts of the text as well as making corrections; it begs the quasClon of when the modification is sufficiently large to result in considering the text to be new. (5) ConversioQ--Cransfor~ content elements from the text into some other nontextual or at least nonsequential structure; in this operation in...