Paper: Distinguishing Fact From Opinion And Events From Meta-Events

ACL ID A83-1009
Title Distinguishing Fact From Opinion And Events From Meta-Events
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1983

A major problem In automatically anaiy~dng the text of m~lltary messaq;les In m~lar to synthesize data b~le ele- ments is separating fact from opinion, I.e., Ident~n9 factual statements versus evaluative commentary such 4,; degree Of belief or confidence In the parameters of s particular event, comparative evaiual~ons of entitles and events, predictions of future events, etc. This paper desmlbes a m~iel which accmmta for the range of fac- tual to evaluative Information In the message traffic, and dlocusses a means for repreaenUng such Ioformation In the context of an oxperlmentsJ system for automated data bale generstlo~ 1.0 EIACI~GFIOUND For several years, with some Inl;erroptlone, a research end development effort hal been In procmm In the Operating Systems Division of Logicon (and its p...