Paper: Isolating Domain Dependencies In Natural Language Interfaces

ACL ID A83-1007
Title Isolating Domain Dependencies In Natural Language Interfaces
Venue Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1983

Isolating the domain-dependent information within a large natural language system offers the general advantages of modular design and greatly enhances the portability of the system to new domains. We have explored the problem of isolating the domain dependencies within two large natural language systems, one for generating a tabular data base from text ("information formatting"), the other for retrieving information from a data base. We describe the domain information schema which is used to capture the --d~n-specific information, and indicate how this information is used throughout the two systems. Prologue Computational linguistics is an interesting blend of science and engineering. It is science insofar as we are trying to understand a natural process -- verbal communication. It is engi...