Paper: Generating Text With A Theorem Prover

ACL ID A00-3003
Title Generating Text With A Theorem Prover
Venue Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
Session Student Session
Year 2000

The process of documenting designs is tedious and often error-prone. We discuss a system that au- tomatically generates documentation for the single step transition behavior of Statecharts with particu- lar focus on the correctness of the result in the sense that the document will present all and only the facts corresponding to the design being documented. Our approach is to translate the Statechart into a propositional formula, then translate this formula into a natural language report. In the later transla- tion pragmatic effects arise due to the way the in- formation is presented. Whereas such effects can be difficult to quantify, we account for them within an abstract framework by applying a series of transfor- mations on the structure on the report while pre- serving soundness and com...