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N09-1036 2009 80
Recently other researchers have emphasised the utility of phonotactic constraints (i.e., modeling the allowable phoneme sequences at word onsets and endings) for word segmentation (Blanchard and Heinz, 2008; Fleck, 2008)
W11-0601 2011 180
Recent simulations of word segmentation and lexical induction suggest that using phonological knowledge (Venkataraman, 2001; Blanchard and Heinz, 2008), modeling morphophonological structure (Johnson, 2008) or preserving subsegmental variation (Rytting et al, 2010) invariably increases performance
W11-0601 2011 58
By contrast, the upper limit is much higher in the control condition, as phoneme 1Some transcription choices made by Brent and Cartwright are questionable (Blanchard and Heinz, 2008)