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W06-3104 2006 150
One might doubt the use of dependency treesfor alignment, since Gildea (2004) found that constituency trees aligned better
P06-1146 2006 203
Other approaches treat rewrite rules not as a preprocessing step (e.g., for reordering source strings), but as a part of the translation model itself (Gildea, 2003; Gildea, 2004)
W09-2423 2009 176
Finally, we are investigating several avenues for using this system output for Machine Translation (MT) including: (1) aiding word alignment for other MT system (Wang et al, 2007); and (2) aiding the creation various MT models involving analyzed text, e.g., (Gildea, 2004; Shen et al, 2008)
W10-1811 2010 7
Dependency structure has recently gained wide interest because it is simple yet provides useful in formation for many NLP tasks such as sentiment analysis (Kessler and Nicolov, 2009) or machine translation (Gildea, 2004)