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C02-1033 2002 12
Hybrid systems that combine the approaches we have presented were also developed and illustrated the interest of such a combination: (Jobbins andEvett, 1998) combined word recurrence, colloca tions and a thesaurus; (Beeferman et al, 1999) relied on both collocations and linguistic cues
C02-1033 2002 132
Thus, Table 1 confirms the fact reported in (Jobbins and Evett, 1998) that using collocations together with word recurrence is an interesting approach for text segmentation.Moreover, TOPICOLL is more accurate than a system such as SEGAPSITH that depends on topic rep resentations
P07-1061 2007 87
This is done in our case by applying the Dice coefficient between the two sides of the focus window, following (Jobbins and Evett, 1998)
P07-1061 2007 89
More precisely, if Wl refers to the vocabulary of the left side of the focus window and Wr refers to thevocabulary of its right side, the cohesion in the win dow at position x is given by: LCrec(x) = 2 ? card(Wl ? Wr) card(Wl) + card(Wr) (1) This measure was adopted instead of the Cosine measure used in TextTiling because its definition in terms of sets makes it easier to extend for taking into account other types of relations, as in (Jobbins and Evett, 1998)
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This was done for instance in (Jobbins and Evett, 1998) by taking semantic relations from Roget?s Thesaurus