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W97-0120 1997 18
[Luo and Roukos, 1996] proposed a re-estimation procedure which alternates word segmentation a d word frequency re-estimation on each half of the training text divided into halves
W03-1025 2003 8
There are multiple studies (Wu and Fung, 1994;Sproat et al, 1996; Luo and Roukos, 1996) showing that the agreement between two (untrained) na tive speakers is about upper   to lower   . The agreement between multiple human subjectsis even lower (Wu and Fung, 1994) (self citation)
W03-1025 2003 230
It is the first at tempt to our knowledge that syntactic information is used in word-segmentation.Chinese word segmentation is a well-known prob lem that has been studied extensively (Wu and Fung, 1994; Sproat et al, 1996; Luo and Roukos, 1996) and it is known that human agreement isrelatively low (self citation)
W03-1025 2003 237
Luo and Roukos (1996) proposes to use alanguage model to select from ambiguous wordsegmentations (self citation)