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W99-0307 1999 7
In some cases, the role of these relations was considered to fall outside the scope of a study (Flammia and Zue, 1995); in other cases, judgements were made with respect o a taxon- omy of very few intention-based relations (usually dominance and satisfaction-precedence) (Grosz and Hirschberg, 1992; Nakatani et al, 1995; Hirschberg and Litman, 1987; Passonneau and Litman, 1997; Carletta et al, 1997)
P06-1034 2006 83
These include discourse markers, such as list item markers with LS as the POS tag, that signal the organization structure of the text (Hirschberg and Litman, 1987), as well as discourse connectives that signal semantic and pragmatic relations of the sentence with other parts of the text (Knott, 1996), such as coordinating conjunctions at the beginning ofthe utterance like and and but etc., and con junct adverbs such as however, also, then
P07-1128 2007 99
Results show that CONV, PROS, MO TION and CTXT can be taken out from the ALL model individually without increasing the error ratesignificantly.8 Morevoer, the combined models al6Hirschberg and Litman (1987) have proposed to discrimi nate the different uses intonationally