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W11-0407 2011 117
In this experiment, we used bracketed sentences in the Brown Corpus (Kuc?era and Francis, 1967),and a court transcript portion of the Manually An notated Sub-Corpus (MASC) (Ide et al, 2010)
E12-2019 2012 20
The documents in the current version of the GMB are all in English and originate from fourmain sources: (i) Voice of America (VOA), an online newspaper published by the US Federal Gov ernment; (ii) the Manually Annotated Sub-Corpus(MASC) from the Open American National Cor pus (Ide et al 2010); (iii) country descriptionsfrom the CIA World Factbook (CIA) (Central Intelligence Agency, 2006), in particular the Background and Economy sections, and (iv) a collection of Aesop?s fables (AF)
N13-1130 2013 4
A fundamental problem in computational linguis tics is the paucity of manually annotated data, such as part-of-speech tagged sentences, treebanks, and logical forms, which exist only for few languages (Ide et al2010)
N13-1130 2013 190
The resulting dataset could be a good complement forMASC (Ide et al2010) which, being human created, can provide 1000 sense-annotated sentences for just a few words
P14-2085 2014 40
Asp-MASC The Asp-MASC corpus consists of7875 clauses from the letters, news and jokes sec tions of MASC (Ide et al, 2010), each labeled by two annotators for the aspectual class of the main verb