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N10-1034 2010 21
We can use features derived from syntactictrees in order to support semantic role labeling, lan guage modeling, and information extraction (Chen and Rambow, 2003; Collins et al, 2005; Hakenberg et al, 2009)
N10-1034 2010 69
Should it translate queries into an other language, such as SQL (Bird et al, 2006; Nakov et al, 2005), or XQuery (Cassidy, 2002; Mayo et al, 2006), or to automata (Maryns andKepser, 2009), in order to benefit from the perfor mance optimizations they provideIndexing
C10-3003 2010 19
et al., 2009)1 is one of the planned additions
C10-3003 2010 153
A very powerful extension for searching in PML?formatted data, called PML Tree Query, is available in TrEd (Pajas and ?t?p?nek, 2009)