Source PaperYearLineSentence
W10-1308 2010 164
The computation of the relatedness scores using measures listed above were carried out by codes from the WordNet::Similarity (Pedersen et al, 2004) and WordNet::SenseRelate projects (Pedersen and Kolhatkar, 2009)
W12-2038 2012 55
We use SenseRelate::AllWords (SR:AW) (Pedersen and Kolhatkar, 2009) to perform WSD of input texts, as this system has broad coverage of content words.Given that SR:AW does not outperform the most fre quent sense (MFS) baseline, we intend to explore using the MFS in the future, as well as other WSDsystems, such as SenseLearner (Mihalcea and Csomai, 2005)
N13-1079 2013 53
We also evaluated another unsupervised approach, the Perl package WordNet::SenseRelate::AllWords (Pedersen and Kolhatkar, 2009), which finds sensesof each word in a text based on senses of the sur rounding words