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W10-2924 2010 226
For example, 210 by using dependency-based kernels (Bunescu and Mooney, 2005a; Kate, 2008) or syntactic kernels(Qian et al, 2008; Moschitti, 2009) or by includ ing the word categories and their POS tags in the subsequences
P11-2018 2011 129
This would allow to better exploit syn tactic and shallow semantic structures, e.g. as in (Moschitti, 2008), also applying lexical similarityand syntactic kernels (Bloehdorn et al, 2006; Bloehdorn and Moschitti, 2007a; Bloehdorn and Mos chitti, 2007b; Moschitti, 2009) (self citation)
P14-2011 2014 117
Moschitti (2009) proposed a tree kernel which specify a kernel function over any pair of nodes between two trees, and it was further extended and applied in other tasks in (Croce et al, 2011; Croce et al, 2012; Mehdad et al, 2010)