Recently, a filler-gap memory mechanism was again introduced to Categorial Grammar, called Memory-Inductive Categorial Grammar (MICG) (Boonkwan and Supnithi, 2008). The integrated memory mechanism is motivated by anaphoric resolution mechanism in Categorial Type Logic (Hendriks, 1995; Moortgat, 1997), Type Logical Grammar (Morrill, 1994; Jager, 1997; Jager, 2001; Oehrle, 2007), and CCG (Jacobson, 1999), and gap resolution in MemoryInductive Categorial Grammar (Boonkwan and Supnithi, 2008), as it is designed for associating fillers and gaps found in an input sentence. With these reasons, I therefore adapted the notions of MICGs memory modalities and gap-resolution connective (Boonkwan and Supnithi, 2008) for the backbone of the memory mechanism.