The ACL Network was originally created by Mark Thomas Joseph and is currently being maintained by Luke Brandl under the supervision of Professor Dragomir R. Radev.


A number of students from the University of Michigan's CLAIR Group helped with the work involved to create the data, network, and webpages. We would like to thank:

This work has been partially supported by the National Science Foundation grant "Collaborative Research: BlogoCenter - Infrastructure for Collecting, Mining and Accessing Blogs", jointly awarded to UCLA and UMich as IIS 0534323 to UMich and IIS 0534784 to UCLA and by the National Science Foundation grant "iOPENER: A Flexible Framework to Support Rapid Learning in Unfamiliar Research Domains", jointly awarded to UMd and UMich as IIS 0705832.

About the Data

The ACL Anthology Network was built from the original pdf files available from the ACL Anthology. Using open source OCR technologies, in-house clean-up scripts, and often tedious manual labor, a web interface was developed that allowed for the annotation of individual references from each paper. We use the following tools for curation.

Publications using the AAN data

Using the Data

To use this data, please follow the following guidlines:

  1. For research only.
  2. Do not re-distribute.
  3. If you publish using this work, you should acknowledge its creators. Please use the following bibtex:
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  4. Please inform us if you publish as we are interested in the output of this work.

Other Related papers

A Note About the PageRank Centrality

Because of the nature of PageRank values, we have adjusted the results to make them more human readable. The actual value of any PageRank on this website can be found by dividing the numbers given by 1,000,000. We also truncate the decimal points, leaving instead only the integer value. So, for example, if a paper has a computed PageRank of 0.003456789 , We would print that PageRank as 3456 after dropping the .789.